The Beer

Gravy Train

Michigan hops and malt conspire in a drinkable cream ale featuring notes of biscuity malt, citrus hops, and slight corniness.

Gravy Train Stats /

5% Alc / Vol
2Row, MI Pilsner, Flake Corn Malt
MI Emerald Spire Hops

Low High

This IPA features a new hop varietal to us, BRU-1, which sports loads of fruity Myrcene oil. It didn’t disappoint, providing a plethora of pineapple smoothie and orange rind notes.

Low High Stats /

6.5% Alc / Vol
2Row, Wheat, Oats Malt
BRU-1, MI Chinook Hops

Piña Colada Shock Tart

We added coconut at a rate of 10 pounds per barrel to our Pineapple Shock Tart and now we find ourselves beach side with bright pineapple notes and tropical coconut vibes.

Piña Colada Shock Tart Stats /

6.2% Alc / Vol
Wheat, 2Row, Oats Malt
MI Chinook Hops

Snowflake Stout

A delicate nitro stout utilizing liquid cocoa and one of our favorite roasted malts, chocolate rye. Notes of easy-drinking diner coffee, spiced baking cocoa, and toasty almond paste.

Snowflake Stout Stats /

4.7% Alc / Vol
Pale, Oats, Carahell, Chocolate Rye, Pale Chocolate, Roasted Barley Malt
EKG Hops


With over 4 lbs/barrel of hops of MI Chinook, NZ Moutere, AU Vic Secret, and US Cashmere, this NEDIPA packs notes of crystallized orange peel, ruby red grapefruit, and creamy rose boba tea.

Homecourt Stats /

7.7% Alc / Vol
60 IBU
2Row, Wheat Malt
MI Chinook, Moutere, Vic Secret, Cashmere Hops

Dees Bees Knees

Brewed with our Detroit City Distillery neighbors for the 2019 Detroit Beer Experiment, this cocktail-inspired, strong blonde was brewed with our rooftop honey, gin botanicals, and lemon juice with notes of juniper, sweet clover, and balanced citrus

Dees Bees Knees Stats /

8% Alc / Vol
Loral Hops

Horton Has A Secret

This iteration of our single hop NEIPA features Australian Vic Secret packing notes of sweet, herbacious basil, tropical ginger punch, and bubblegum-like resin.

Horton Has A Secret Stats /

6.7% Alc / Vol
58 IBU
2Row, Wheat Malt
Vic Secret Hops

Wünderboi Kölsch

Features a tenacious balance of fruity yeast esters, bready pilsner malt, and German noble hops. This stein-worthy ale and lager hybrid has those wonderful characteristics that make us want to roll up the garage door and sail away from the mucky-muck.

Wünderboi Kölsch Stats /

5.0% Alc / Vol
19 IBU
Pilsner, Carafoam Malt
Hallertau Mittelfruh Hops

Market Day IPA

Session NEIPA featuring hop notes of sweet, pithy citrus fruits and fresh bready malt. For the all-season stalwarts of Eastern Market, this hoppy offering is built for both quality and quantity.

Market Day IPA Stats /

4.9% Alc / Vol
55 IBU
2Row, Oats, Wheat, Carahell Malt
Citra, Simcoe, El Dorado Hops

White Coffee Stout

Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co.’s Natural Yirgacheffe, Ethiopian roast lends coffee notes to the aroma and taste of this lightly hued beer. Cocoa nibs give the impression of sweet, white mocha.

White Coffee Stout Stats /

6.8% Alc / Vol
30 IBU
Maris Otter, Pilsner, Flaked Oats Malt
Magnum, EKG Hops