No Spoilers

Packed in a fluffy nitrogen pour, notes of chocolate milk, truffle, and cocoa-covered espresso beans come forth in a wonderfully drinkable sweet body of German roasted malts and lactose sugar.

No Spoilers Stats /

5.5% Alc / Vol
15 IBU
2Row, Flaked Barley, Caramalt, Chocolate, Carafa, Lactose Sugar Malt
EKG Hops

Three’s Continental

Golden strong featuring pear esters, spicy phenolics, and smooth alcohol with a dry finish. Slovenian and Chinese boil hops were followed by a South African dry hop, bringing lovely berry notes.

Three’s Continental Stats /

9.7% Alc / Vol
34 IBU
Pilsner, Munich, Wheat Malt
Styrian Cardinal, Qingdao, Southern Passion Hops

Wunderboi Kölsch

Nothing rings in spring quite like a Kolsch with a tenacious balance of fruity yeast esters, bready pilsner malt, and German noble hops. This stein-worthy ale and lager hybrid has all of those wonderful characteristics that make us want to roll up the garage door and sail away from the mucky muck.

Wunderboi Kölsch Stats /

5.1% Alc / Vol
19 IBU
Pilsner, Carafoam Malt
Hallertau Mittelfruh Hops

Frühling Bock

In traditional Maibock fashion, this bock-style lager features all that we love about German malts. Honeysuckle, almond toast with jam, and homemade granola flavors are balanced by a noble, spicy hop quality. Perfect for a spring day with the windows open.

Frühling Bock Stats /

7% Alc / Vol
26 IBU
Pilsner, Munich, Vienna Malt
Hallertau Mittlefruh, MI-Centennial Hops

Elephant Juice

Elephant-sized additions of Citra and Mosaic hops give this easy-sipping hop nectar notes of candied passion fruit and citrus rind to pair with a soft biscuity mouthfeel.

Elephant Juice Stats /

7.6% Alc / Vol
66 IBU
2Row, Oats, Wheat Malt
Citra, Mosaic, Mandarina Bavaria Hops

Across the Universe

Simcoe takes center stage in this NEIPA with huge notes of lime-infused coconut water, ruby red grapefruit sprinkled cane sugar and pineapple lollipops. Groovy duuuuudddddeeeee…

Across the Universe Stats /

6.1% Alc / Vol
70 IBU
2Row, Oats, Pilsner Malt
Simcoe, Vic Secret Hops

Rinse & Repeat Wheat

An enticing aroma of sweet, fresh dough opens this easy-drinking, soft, American wheat that finishes with a bright citrus note that is almost too drinkable.

Rinse & Repeat Wheat Stats /

5.7% Alc / Vol
20 IBU
Pilsner, Wheat Malt
Mandarina Bavaria Hops

First Principle Pils

Our unfiltered pilsner showcases the timeless pairing of sweet, bready German malt with the floral, slight spice of both German and Czech hops.

First Principle Pils Stats /

5.3% Alc / Vol
28 IBU
Pilsner, Carafoam Malt
Magnum, Saaz Hops

Happy Now?

We hear imperial stouts conditioned on in-house toasted coconut make you happy. This stout features coconut brownie aromas and as it warms, dark cocoa macaroon notes follow in taste, complete with flavors of tootsie roll, raspberry cordial, and spiked ganache.

Happy Now? Stats /

9.5% Alc / Vol
35 IBU
2Row, Oats, Carahell, Pale Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Carafa III, Carafoam Malt
EKG Hops

Horton Hops With Denali

The first in our single hopped series features Denali hops in an easy-drinking format. Denali brings forth notes of candied pineapple and ginger-laden fruit punch, and citrus Calpico.

Horton Hops With Denali Stats /

5.3% Alc / Vol
35 IBU
2Row, Oats, Wheat, Carafoam Malt
Denali! Hops

Mae Blanc

An inviting tangerine haze with a nose of gooseberries and sweet orange rind leads to a crisp blonde ale with bright dry hop notes.

Mae Blanc Stats /

5.2% Alc / Vol
25 IBU
Pilsner, CaraHell, Carafoam Malt
Hallertau Blanc, Centennial Hops

Market Day IPA

Session NEIPA featuring hop notes of sweet, pithy citrus fruits and fresh bready malt. For the all-season stalwarts of Eastern Market, this hoppy offering is built for both quality and quantity.

Market Day IPA Stats /

5.8% Alc / Vol
55 IBU
2Row, Oats, Wheat, Carahell Malt
Citra, Simcoe, El Dorado Hops

Peach Mango: Sunrise

Subtle flavors of peach and mango in this pleasantly fluffy ale let you know there’s fruit without an overbearing acidity. As it warms, the two fruits show themselves more with every sip.

Peach Mango: Sunrise Stats /

6.5% Alc / Vol
20 IBU
2Row, Pilsner, Wheat, Oats, Carafoam Malt
Centennial Hops

Solstice Blend 1 (Barleywine)

Blend: An English Barleywine blended with a whiskey barrel-aged stout that was brewed with warming winter spices. Taste: A warming spiced plum aroma leads to honey-ed, partially sweet nut crumble with a pleasant warming alcohol and banknote of winter spices. Let this one warm to have it fully bloom.

Solstice Blend 1 (Barleywine) Stats /

11% Alc / Vol
45 IBU

White Coffee Stout

Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co.’s Natural Yirgacheffe, Ethiopian roast lends coffee notes to the aroma and taste of this lightly hued beer. Cocoa nibs give the impression of sweet, white mocha.

White Coffee Stout Stats /

7.5% Alc / Vol
30 IBU
Maris Otter, Pilsner, Flaked Oats Malt
Magnum, EKG Hops

Worthy Tenant

With German Vienna malt as a base, this amber lager features a lovely note of dry toast and a sweet nut quality supported by a clean, spicy bitterness.

Worthy Tenant Stats /

5% Alc / Vol
26 IBU
Vienna, Carahell, Carafoam, Carafa Malt
Magnum, Perle Hops