Wünderboi Kölsch

Features a tenacious balance of fruity yeast esters, bready pilsner malt, and German noble hops. This stein-worthy ale and lager hybrid has those wonderful characteristics that make us want to roll up the garage door and sail away from the mucky-muck.

Wünderboi Kölsch Stats /

5.2% Alc / Vol
19 IBU
Pilsner, Carafoam Malt
Hallertau Mittelfruh Hops

Horton Hops a Wolf

Our third installment of the Horton single-hop IPA series is our best yet. Notes of mochi, strawberry, mint, and pistachios with a pillowy mouthfeel lead to an easy-drinking yet complex IPA.

Horton Hops a Wolf Stats /

6.6% Alc / Vol
50 IBU
2 row, Wheat, Unmalted wheat, Flaked wheat Malt
Loral, Styrian wolf Hops

Vanity of Sleep

A little, roasty, toasty oatmeal stout that can hang in any season with its nitro body full of dark cocoa and toasted pumpernickel notes from UK and German malts.

Vanity of Sleep Stats /

4.8% Alc / Vol
20 IBU
Maris Otter, Oats, Carahell, Chocolate, Chocolate Wheat, Roasted Barley Malt
EKGVanity of Sleep Hops

Honey Bea’s Shandy

This easy-drinking lemon shandy is summer-in-a-glass, opening with sweetness from Bea’s Squeeze lemonade and a touch of honey with a crisp, hoppy finish on the backend.

Honey Bea’s Shandy Stats /

3.5% Alc / Vol
20 IBU
Pilsner, CaraHell, Carafoam Malt
Hallertau Blanc, Centennial Hops

Big Boy Pants

We have not one but two hearts for the subtle peppery esters, light new world-hopping, and the fluffy nature of unmalted wheat in this saison. The king of fairies (google it!) would approve.

Big Boy Pants Stats /

5.8% Alc / Vol
21 IBU
Pils, 2Row, Unmalted Wheat Malt
Hallertau Blanc, Saaz Hops


Fermented with Norweigen yeast, this triple NEIPA has notes of mango fruit, orange blossom honey, and pineapple fruit cup.

Down3 Stats /

10.2% Alc / Vol
72 IBU
2Row, Wheat, Oats Malt
Idaho 7, Motueka, Triple Pearl Hops

Double White Coffee Stout

The imperial version of our white stout hits with the same coffee and chocolate notes as its smaller brethren. On nitro, the smooth alcohol melds with the adjuncts to form a caramel, coffee shake-like beer that pairs well with tres leches and blueberry pancakes.

Double White Coffee Stout Stats /

11.3% Alc / Vol
40 IBU
Maris Otter, 2Row, Flaked Barley, Oats, Carahell Malt
EKG Hops

Blood Orange: Sunrise

From nose to tongue, this is straight juice. Orange, pulpy sweetness with slight citrus acidity balanced by a pleasant mouthfeel. A beer properly served with breakfast.

Blood Orange: Sunrise Stats /

6.5% Alc / Vol
32 IBU
2 Row, Wheat, Oats, Flaked Wheat, Carafoam, Lactose Malt
Mosaic, Citra Hops

Mae Blanc

An inviting tangerine haze with a nose of gooseberries and sweet orange rind leads to a crisp blonde ale with bright dry hop notes.

Mae Blanc Stats /

5.2% Alc / Vol
25 IBU
Pilsner, CaraHell, Carafoam Malt
Hallertau Blanc, Centennial Hops

Market Day IPA

Session NEIPA featuring hop notes of sweet, pithy citrus fruits and fresh bready malt. For the all-season stalwarts of Eastern Market, this hoppy offering is built for both quality and quantity.

Market Day IPA Stats /

4.9% Alc / Vol
55 IBU
2Row, Oats, Wheat, Carahell Malt
Citra, Simcoe, El Dorado Hops

White Coffee Stout

Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co.’s Natural Yirgacheffe, Ethiopian roast lends coffee notes to the aroma and taste of this lightly hued beer. Cocoa nibs give the impression of sweet, white mocha.

White Coffee Stout Stats /

6.7% Alc / Vol
30 IBU
Maris Otter, Pilsner, Flaked Oats Malt
Magnum, EKG Hops